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The Well of Souls (excerpt)


Constance on the Web


As reluctant head of the family’s business — the eccentric heiress and college student, Constance, is the last of the Fairchild line. Her demanding and lonely life spins out of control when her “token secretary,” Angela, dies in an apparent terrorist bombing.

With her last breath, Angela makes Constance promise to look after her four-year-old son, Tim. Believing Angela died in her place, Constance does more than that — she adopts him.

Mysteries confound her, though: Who was the strange woman whose headless corpse was found in Constance’s office? And, for that matter, who was Angela? Constance learns that everything she thought she knew about her secretary — including her name — was false.

While pondering these questions, Constance develops strange and terrifying psychic powers — giving her a view of the world she never imagined possible. And she learns that nothing at her company is as it appears — that it is a hotbed of espionage connected to a conspiracy of unparalleled savagery.

In the process, Constance recalls her past life as a tragic British historical figure — the source of both her inner demons and her strengths. And she discovers the extraordinary nature of her adopted son, who saves her life and may someday change the world. 

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