The Everett Continuum


A gold-obsessed billionaire and a scientist trapped in an alternate universe are on a collision course as the scientist struggles to return home and save his friends.


Cicero Symes is a ruthless, gold-obsessed billionaire trying to track down Yamashita’s horde plundered from Asia in the second world war.

From studying the Voynich Manuscript, Roddrick Cole and colleagues at the University of Hawaii learn how to travel to alternate timelines. Roddrick travels to the Sket Timeline, where some dinosaurs survived the killing asteroid and evolved intelligence. Their world is at the same technological level as ours in the 1940’s, and they are embroiled their version of world war two. Being cold-blooded, Skets inhabit the equatorial regions, North America being uncharted and, presumably, uninhabited.

Sket linguistics expert, Seech, learns English from Roddrick, hoping to enlist North American humans in their war. Seech arranges for Roddrick to get his timeline traveling device, and Roddrick uses it to save Seech's family from a D-Day type invasion.

People from the distant future rescue Roddrick (for their own reasons) and return him home. Roddrick and his colleagues revisit Seech's timeline and rescue Seech from the invaders.

Seech figures out how to use the timeline-jumping device to acquire vast amounts of gold, attracting the attention of Symes. Seech and Roddrick use the device to defeat Symes and return Seech to her home.

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