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This book provides a profound introduction to some of the basic principles of both classical and modern algebraic geometry for graduate students or advanced undergraduates. Assuming only some previous knowledge of linear algebra and general topology, it also presents all the concepts, methods and results from commutative algebra, sheaf theory and cohomology as far as necessary to develop the foundations of algebraic geometry. These allied mathematical frameworks are treated separately in four appendices after the main text, thus making the textbook essentially self-contained, and therefore particularly suited for self-study by beginners or as an accompanying course book, respectively.
Reviewer: Werner Kleinert (Berlin) Zentralblatt MATH: Zbl 1332.14001
Original review in Zentralblatt.

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Parallel Algorithm cover
Originally published by Oxford University Press (1993)

“He devotes 156 pages to parallel architectures, in the only handy summary I gave seen. The approach is motivational, covering a most remarkable range of topics that make it valuable to me as an alternative to review journals and other sources.” — SCS Simulator Quarterly

“The main focus of this book is on the development of parallel algorithms for numerical and scientific computing on 'massively parallel' computers. . . . A wealth of useful algorithms is presented throughout the book and a considerable number of practical problems is set in each chapter.” — Mathematical Reviews

“Overall, this book provides a thorough and broad coverage of numerous popular algorithms, including several example programs. The exercises at the ends of various sections should provide a lecturer in parallel algorithms with additional material for course and examination work.” — The Computer Journal — This text refers to the Hardcover edition.

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