The God Virus

(an Indigo novel)

I loved this novel. It is completely unpredictable and magical. It can be read on many different levels: in the first place, it is a suspenseful story of some likable young gamers who innocently earn the ire of some gangsters who are determined to kill the main character in a gruesome way.

It is also a love story and a lighthearted and hopeful one. At the same time, though, the novel represents a meditation on the current state of the world and how humankind can transcend its limitations and find fulfillment. As such, the book enters the realm of mythology as it weaves together Egyptian myth and some classic ideas of new-age philosophy into a captivating origins story.

It deserves to become a cult classic!
Eva M. Thury, coauthor of Introduction to Mythology: Contemporary Approaches to Classical and World Myths (Oxford University Press)