Indigo Rising

(an Indigo screenplay)


Infected by a DNA-altering virus, two lovers develop bizarre superpowers and battle ruthless criminal mobs bent on harvesting the virus from their brains.


New prescription drugs in the US cost more than heroin and cocaine, a fact not lost on the Ustinov mob.

Hoping to go “legitimate,” this mob pays the world-famous geneticist, Harry Pembroke, millions to develop an overpriced “antidepressant.”

Derek volunteers for the resulting “drug trial.” Unfortunately Pembroke has lied to everyone: he is really using Derek to incubate a DNA-altering virus that he hopes will create a master-race — planning to harvest it from his brain.

Pembroke’s mob-financiers lose patience and kill him, unwittingly saving Derek’s life.

The virus spreads to Derek’s friend, Alessandra, and they develop superpowers beyond anything Pembroke imagined.

When the mob discovers the virus’s powers, they want to harvest it from Derek’s brain — waging war with the young couple. They have vast resources, including an army of thugs; on their side, Derek and Allie have telepathy, the ability to see the future, and other powers. Attacked on all sides, they struggle to survive and win.

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